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Ed Godeaux

General Manager

(337) 254-2658

Produced Water Solutions (PWS) consists of former Monosep and Siemens employees with a collective 35+ years of experience designing, executing, and commissioning produced water equipment around the world. Produced Water Solutions (PWS), offers a complete line of Produced Water Treatment equipment capable of meeting any discharge water standards.  We have the capability to custom design, engineer, and fabricate water treatment equipment to any standard or customer specification. All principles have extensive international experience and have worked with all major E&P Companies.



“Produced Water Solutions (PWS) is located in Broussard Louisiana. The water solutions business was formed to Provide a High Level of Technology and Experience at Reasonable Rates.  PWS has already done business with companies such as Chevron, Apache, Stone Energy, Energy Partners Limited, M&H, Ankor, W&T, etc.


  • Ed Godeaux – Has been in the produced water business for over 23 years. Starting in in the 90’s with Monosep and continuing with Siemens Water Technology.  Served as Technical Director for Upstream Business/Technology and concluding as General Manager for both Upstream Business and Downstream Business located in Broussard, Louisiana.


  • Benjamin Potier  - With Monosep as well as with Siemens for a total of 13 years.   Starting with the company as a Project Manager/Project Engineer.  His last position with Siemens Water Technology was as the Operations Manager for Flowback and RO Services



(PWS) is focused on providing technology that meets the needs of overboard water discharge requirements in the domestic and international markets. With our combined experience in over 28 countries, we are uniquely aware of the nuances of produced water from country to country. This experience combined with our technical understanding of water treating equipment makes us a great partner that will add value and peace of mind to your water treating needs. Pellerin Water Solutions offers several Produced Water and Filtration products such as ​​Primary Oil/Water Separation, ​​Secondary Oil/Water Separation, ​Tertiary Oil/Water Separation, Engineering/ Consulting , Field Repair Services, Treatability Studies, Field Surveys, as well as provide parts for all Manufactures Equipment. 

Benjamin Potier

Director of Business


(337) 380-6852

Wesley Fuselier

Operations Manager

(337) 344-3139

A short list of technology includes;


  • Hydrocyclones – Both Solid/Solid and Liquid/Liquid in 150# and 300# design.

  • Skimmers – With single pack design and multiple pack design.

  • Static Plate Separators – Atmospheric and ASME designs from one to three pack plate designs

  • Flotation – Available in atmospheric, ASME, re-conditioned, and refurbish

  • Walnut Shell Filters

  • Cartridge Filters – Available in cartridge, canister, and bulk media.

  • Solids Filters – Available in cartridge and sock form

  • De-Aeration Towers – Includes vacuum pumps, Course Filtration, and fine filtration

  • Sumps

  • Reverse Osmosis (high pressure seawater) and municipal applications


In addition to the technology/products listed above, PWS also provides consulting services, parts (for any manufacturer equipment), service (for any manufacturer equipment), refurbish of existing equipment, retrofits of existing equipment, and rental equipment.


Rounding out our product portfolio is rentals business. This business provides a complete line of rental equipment servicing the Upstream business, Downstream Business, Drilling Activities, and Construction/Pipeline Business specific to Oil and Gas. Please see list of available equipment attached.


PWS is unique in several ways but one particular area that I am really proud of is the fact that PWS has maintained an impeccable safety record: zero non- recordable accidents, zero-recordable accidents and zero loss time accidents.  We have accomplished this by having effective communication between all facets of the organization and working with a common goal in mind: reducing risk and instituting operational excellence throughout the company.

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