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PWS Company is dedicated to achieving high standards in the health of our employees, safety and preventing accidents, and protecting the environment.  We will continue to improve our business practices by fulfilling all health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations. We are committed to:

  • Regular communication between our employees, contractors, and vendors about our HSE goals and expectations 

  • The belief that we are able to prevent HSE accidents​

  • Actively updating and managing our HSE policies 

  • Abiding by all laws and regulations in regards to HSE

Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement
  • Effectively managing employees by making sure they are educated and aware of the conditions set forth regarding our HSE policies in order to guarantee excellence

  • Establish emergency procedures for all personnel working in the office, the shop, and the well site locations to ensure the health and safety of our employees

  • Verifying that our employees  all possess the willingness to deliver responsible HSE performance

The commitments listed above are crucial to the long term success of PWS Company, and these commitments fit together with our vision to be the leading service provider in the oil and gas industry.  With the cooperation of our employees, we will work to reduce risk and institute operational excellence throughout the company.

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