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In the world of using bubbles to expediate the separation of hydrocarbon and solids from water is as old as the business itself. There is no shortage of bubble technologies that is used to enhance separation of oils and solids in the produced water market, mining, timber, food and beverage, recycle/reuse, or any other application where a consistent and tested option was needed. It is true that bubble technology has been around for a long time but not all bubble generating technologies are created equal. The principal of separation behind this technology and how it is applied to technology has coma a long way over the past 30 years.

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There are several bubble generating technologies that maintain a reputation of solid performance. One of the leading technologies is the Cornell DGF Pump. It is the only single stage impeller micro pump on the market. Many advertise that they are the same, but actually use multi stage impellers to shear gas/air into bubbles verses dissolving into a solution. The Cornell DGF pump can dissolve 90% of any gasses dissolvability factor into solution resulting in a larger population of micro bubbles with the ability to control their size and distribution. Call PWS for more information as well as more information about the other bubble generating technologies we have available.

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