Skimmers are skidded units with all of the instruments, valving, and controls to make your sourcing needs simple. Whether high pressure or low pressure, complicated or simple, let PWS be your partner at a price that you can afford. PWS also offers Low Pressure Skimmers for the bulk removal of oil.  This tried and tested technology comes in both vertical and horizontal designs with options for sand jetting, coalescing, and the addition of gas flotation for increased efficiency. 


The Hydrocyclone is one of the most popular and advanced technologies for the extraction of oil from produced water that is up to 2% by volume. This technology provides maximum separation efficiency with the smallest footprint available in its class. It operates under system pressure as its primary source of energy to create a high velocity vortex which causes fluids of differing densities to separate. With both the liquid/liquid Hydrocyclones and the solid/liquid Hydrocyclones available, these primary separation technologies can be designed to customer specifications.


Static Plate Separators (SPS) provide economical and effective removal of oil and solids from produced water by gravity separation. This technology’s proven design has no moving parts and provides effective operating results for simple and consistent separation efficiency. Using the natural principles of buoyancy, this technology manipulates oil particle size to achieve a greater rate of rise of the oil particles.  An added bonus is this technology’s ability to effectively remove solids.

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