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No matter the market, solids filtration is a challenge. Whether it is oil and gas, fracking market, refineries, food processing plants, or demineralization, every market that uses or produces water has a common interest of treating solids. Successfully treating solids in a way that achieves the customers goals AND performs the task in a way that is cost effective are the absolute challenges of every company. PWS has a wide range of technology options that can treat solids down to the ultrafiltration level. Having a company that is so well versed in all of these markets as well as the litney of technology options makes PWS a great partner to any company. Give us you’re a chance to prove to you what we can do.


The two basic principles of solid-liquid filtration involve either separating liquids from solids or filtering solids from liquids, using one of two principles:

  • That the solids will have a tendency to go one way and liquids the other (separation)

  • That use will be made of a hole smaller than the solids to be captured (filtration)

Still, more than 100 different types of equipment are available, many with their own variations. Focusing on solid-liquid separation, suspended solids are removed from liquid either on the surface (cake filtration) or within the depth of the filter medium. The depth of the filter media can be the filter media itself, the cake or the filter aid.  

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