•    Smaller Footprint which means we can size a system to suit available deck space and design systems from 20BPD up to       500BPD
•    More robust skidding reduces vibration and wear on system components
•    Our systems use less membrane elements to produce like amounts as our competitors       
•    We produce a higher quality permeate than a conventional                 
•    All shutdowns are illuminated making troubleshooting near non-existent                           
•    Offers a better up-front cost along with superior service for the life cycle of your system
•    We don’t just sell you a system, you get top notch support as well as service
At Produced Water Solutions, we strive to provide the highest quality service while meeting the various needs and requests of our customers. To do this, PWS works with each individual customer to fulfill special project requirements and objectives, and is willing to offer special packages when necessary to satisfy project needs and economics. For additional information or a detailed quote based on your job requirements, please contact us.


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